Reliance Jio Launches GST Jio Startup Kit

Reliance Jio Launches GST Jio Startup Kit

New Delhi :- Reliance launches GST Jio Startup Kit in india because GST implemented in india.  On the one hand, the common man is in the confusion about what percentage of GST is on him, even then small businessmen are having difficulties in filing tax returns. Looking at this, Reliance Jio has introduced the GST Jio starter kit. This offer is Jio Fi Device Only.

In this new offer, the company is offering 24 GB 4G data and unlimited voice calls with Jio Fi device. Users will also get the Software Solutions and GST billing app through which users will be able to file tax, all this facility is being given to their users for one year.

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10,000 Market Value kit

If the market value of the company is Rs 10,000, then the market value of jio GST starter kit is more than Rs. 10,000. However, Reliance Jio is trying to give extra services to its users as usual, due to this, this expensive service will be available to users in just Rs.1999. The benefits of all services in this offer can be raised by users for a year without any additional payment.


These help will be available from July 1, GST has been implemented in India. Since then the traders are having trouble paying tax returns. In fact, to file tax returns traders will need a GST TIN number. In such a case, this kit of JIO will help in filing tax returns of those traders.

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