Jio Phone Booking : Learn How to Book Jio Phone Online & Offline

Jio Phone Booking : Learn How to Book Jio Phone Online & Offline

Jio Phone Booking started because Jio phone has been launched but it will take some time to reach the hands of the user. Because beta testing of Jio Phone will begin on August 15, but only for select users.

if you can not become a beta tester, then you have to wait for the start of the pre-booking on August 24. You will get both online and offline options to book a live phone. Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani launched the multi-awaited Jio Phone in the company’s 40th annual general meeting.

The Jio Phone will be available for beta testing for selected customers from August 15th.

Jio Phone from August 24 and the phone will get the basis of first come first before September.

Reliance Jio Launches GST Jio Startup Kit

Learn how to get the affordable Jio phone:

Customers wishing to buy Jio phone will be able to buy the phone via My Jio app or Jio Retailer from August 24.

Mukesh Ambani has announced ‘Effective Zero Price’ for the Jio Phone. Which means that the Zero phone will have to deposit a security of Rs 1,500, which will be recovered after 3 years.

In the 40th AGM, Ambani insisted that the Jio Phone would be free for the subscribers in a way, since the 1,500 rupees taken as security would be recovered within 36 months.

Hope to get more information about Jio Phone soon. Ambani confirmed that for every customer in India, every supply will be made available to fifty lakh GPS phone units.

Talking to the Jio Phone, the entry level phone will come with unlimited voice, data and text message. Jio  Phone Money will be offered to Jio Phone User for Rs 153 per month, which will provide free access to Voice, Text, Unlimited data and Jio app in the phone.

In the 40th AGM, Ambani also announced the ‘Jio Phone TV-Cable’ accessory, through which the user will be able to connect the phone to any type of TV. To connect the TV to the phone, the user must recharge with a large screen for Rs 309.

Talk about Jio Phone Feature, Phone 22 supports Indian languages ​​and it can be controlled via voice commands. During the Keanon’s Keenote presentation, a demo of the voice command feature on the phone was given by Jio.

Apart from this, there will also be a Panic button in the Jio Phone, which can be enabled to hold the number 5 for a long time.

According to Jio, advanced features such as NFC support in the phone will also be released through an OTS software upgrade.

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