How to Book Jio Phone Online & From My Jio App

How to Book Jio Phone Online & From My Jio App

If you doubt how to Book Jio Phone Online. Pre-booking of GeoPhone of Reliance Geo has brought news of disappointment for many interested customers. The company had told the pre-booking time at five p.m., but the official website of the Myageo App and Reliance Jio stopped working already. Many of our website members tried to pre-booking the live phone but they could not succeed.

Talking about the Myageo app, we were unable to reach the next page after the app opened. Apart from this, the option of pre booking was also not visible. At the same time, on the official website of Reliance Jio, the content was showing the message of error.

Our website has come to know that many users are unable to open’s website. At the same time, Myageo is unable to open the app even once. The point of disappointment is that these two platforms are available for online booking of Geophone.


How to Book a Jio Phone?

Open the app to book GeoPhone via the Myageo app. After this, tap on the option of pre-booking now. Now give your phone number and give the pin code number of the area you are living in. Then click on Tab Pu Proceeds. Booking was done After this you will get the booking ID through the SMS besides the app.

This booking ID will be useful when taking delivery of the phone. If you have to book a phone for any friend or family, then give the mobile number of that person and put the postcode of his house. And then make a payment. In this situation, your friend’s mobile number will also be accompanied by the booking ID. It will also know the retailer from which you will find the phone.

Geo phone price and delivery date?

As we told you earlier. The phone is effectively free. But you have to pay Rs 1,500 for the security deposit. Gadgets 360 has come to know that this amount will be deposited in two parts. At the time of booking, Rs 500 will be given and the remaining 1,000 rupees will be received if the call is received.

How long will JioPhone get you? It will depend on how long ago you booked. Reliance Jio has adopted this policy for the first one to come first. The company aims to provide 50 million devices every week. But the demand is very high. In such a situation, the promise of the company can not be fully trusted.

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