Amazon Prime day sale : Best Amazon Prime day sale

Amazon Prime day sale : Best Amazon Prime day sale

Amazon Prime day sale :

OnePlus 3T , iPhone 7 , Google pixel XL , Honor 6X , LG G6 are deals in amazon sale so you can’t miss.

Amazon company is starting first ever prime day sale . This Sale Carnival is started 6PM yesterday and continue 30 hours . During the prime day sale company offer huge discount on smartphones , specially in iPhone 6S , iPhone 6 ,iPhone 7 . Amazon company also gives discount some another android phone up to 35 % .

Apple iPhone 6S & iPhone 6

Amazon company is offering good discount on apple iPhone up to 15 %. In the Amazon prime day sale company gives iPhone 6 just in Rs 24,999 , original price of this phone is 29,500 . Another side iPhone 6S (32 GB) original price is Rs 46,900 but during sale you got this phone only in 34,990 Rs .

iPhone 7

Company gives good discount on all model of iPhone 7 during the sale . You got iPhone 7 (Black , 132 GB) just in Rs . 42,999 & 128 GB model price on amazon sale is just Rs . 53,990 . Here we would to tell you that in 32 GB model of iPhone you got discount up to 13000  & 128 GB phone 11,000 .

Apple iPhone 5S

Although this model of apple is so old , but people still want to buy this variant of iPhone. Because company is giving up to 15 % discount on iPhone. So iPhone 5S original price is 25,000  but you got this phone on amazon just Rs . 15,999.

Reliance Jio Rs 500 Volte Smartphone Launched in July

Honor 8 Pro

This phone is launched recently & come first time in sale . The smartphone is available two variants first is black & second is white. During the amazon prime day sale you got this phone only Rs. 29,999 . Before buying this phone please read the review of phone.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Most of Samsung mobile available on market in 2000 Rs discount. But in amazon you got Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro only 25,990 Rs. Original price of this phone is 29,990 so you got rs . 4000 discount on sale. You got two variants of Samsung galaxy c7 pro first is navy blue & second is Gold.

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T is most popular device now days . OnePlus 3T also available on amazon sale , you got this device with discount is 27,999 . This device original price is 29,999 so you got discount of rs. 2000 . But this device 64 GB storage model only available during the sale not 32 GB.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Google Pixel phone gets a discount 32 percent in sale. This smartphone of google origianl price is 57,999 but after 32 percent discount you got only rs 38,999 . Also you got discount on Google Pixel XL rs . 18000 , which original price is 67,000 but after discount you got just in 48,999 .



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